Friends and Family Hand Wash 4oz

Friends and Family Hand Wash 4oz

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FRIENDS nad FAMILY Hand Wash 4 oz and 2 oz sizes available

We are offering our Alcohol Hand Wash for sale. Usually this is an “off the menu item” for friends and family. We are offering our hand sanitizer as cheaply as we can afford, We only make small batches so we have limited quantities, but we will try to keep up with orders if we can get the ingredients. We use Ethonal (95%). In our opinion it works better and is gentler on the skin but it is much more expensive than isopropyl alcohol 91%. Our sanitizer has a 76% alcohol content and exceeds the 60% that the CDC insists is necessary.

Angel Clean is available in both 4 oz and 2oz mister bottles Simply spray a dime size spot onto your hand then rub together till dry.

Our ingredients are: Ethonal (95%), Distilled water, Essential Oils, Hydrogen Peroxide (3%), and Glycerin.


This is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT take internally. This product contains alcohol. FLAMMABLE