Breast Health Balm

Breast Health Balm

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A significant measure to support healthy breasts is a daily self breast massage. The herbs in our Breast Health Balm have a natural affinity to the breasts. Our balm helps promote Lymph and blood circulation. Our Breast Health Balm is also formulated to relieve breast tenderness associated with PMS and Menopause.

Daily breast massage using Breast Health Balm will help you become familiar with your body, will help create a balance and alignment between you and your body. When you use our natural Breast Health Balm in a daily self massage it will help remove the fear of a breast exam because it will help you become familiar with the monthly changes of your breasts and you will become more aware of any problems early on.

Breast health Balm contains Plantain to help reduce cysts, pain and swelling, Comfrey comforts sore breasts, strengthens tissue helping with resiliency and flexibility. Dandelion to ease breast congestion, and helps to release emotions. Mugwort to improve lymph circulation. Violet to ease pain and inflammation, reduces swollen lymph nodes , cysts and mastititis. Castor oil to increase circulation and healing, and reduce cysts and lumps.

We also use only pure essential oils, Lavender to sooth and refresh to create relaxation, Cedarwood aids in meditation and anxiety, Bergamot is uplifting and sedative, and Lemon which aids with circulation and helps to relieve fear.

As women we must care for ourselves