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St. Johnís Wort infused oils have been used as a pain reliever for centuries and has been clinically shown to reduce nerve and muscle pain.

Our own herbalist infused the fresh flower of the St Johnís Wort plant with olive oil and combined it skin healthy oils and warm and comforting essential oils, creating a synergistic pain relieving Cream.

Our COMFORT CREAM Pain Relief Formula, with St. John's Wort, has been designed to help relieve your pain associated with athletic injuries, sore muscles, arthritis, and insect bites, Sciatica and other nerve pain. We have blended St. John's Wort with other beneficial essential oils such as, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Clove known for pain reducing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Our proprietary blend of essential oils combine to give you warmth and comfort while the Grapeseed and Coconut oils soothe and soften your skin

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What our customers say.....ĒI have been using this comfort cream for arthritis and it's very helpful. I rub it in and then use a heating pad to help it penetrate even more.Ē

Made with; Grapeseed oil, St Johns wort infused oil, coconut oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Proprietary blend of essential oils,